Venturer Notebook

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Since its incorporation in 1968, Venturer has been manufacturing of premium audio and video products for more than three decades. Today we are one of the largest manufacturers of tablets world-wide, and with our world class manufacturing facilities, Venturer has played a significant part in bringing quality products for your personal use and your homes.

Today we distribute our range of Audio and Tablet electronics products in North America, Europe, Asia and rest of the world. The Venturer product ranges include Personal Infotainment and Home Infotainment.

Venturer products are designed with the customer at the forefront of their usage. Easy to use, durable, and a product available for each of your needs. Venturer Tablet is ideally to be your first tablet for the young student, or business executive. It is nicely designed, light-weighted with long hours battery, excellent for working or entertainment for about 8 hours usage during travelling. Venturer range will fit in with your needs.

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